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Blue Spark Solid-State Condenser Microphone, orange, cardioid

  • Features Blue Microphones premium condenser capsule, delivering low noise, high efficiency, and rapid response in any recording situation
  • Designed with Focus Control, which results in a tighter, more direct and focused sound when selected
  • Utilizes custom-matched circuitry with professional-quality, Class-A discrete components

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Two Modes for Versatile, High-Quality Recording

The Spark offers two usage modes--Normal Mode and Focus Mode--that are easily selected with the Focus Control switch. Normal Mode--with the Focus Control switch out--delivers a robust timbre that creates a large audio landscape. Focus Mode--with the Focus Control switch in--allows the microphone to capture greater clarity and detail, resulting in a recorded signal that will easily sit in a track or final mix. Focus Mode is ideal for lead vocals intended to sit well in the mix of a rock-and-roll or pop track.

Clear and Present Recording

When using the Spark microphone to record a single sound source, the Spark's cardioid pattern will help eliminate the unwanted ambient room sound often captured with omnidirectional or wider pattern microphones that can make your recordings sound unprofessional. With the Spark, the end result is a clear and present recording, just like a professional studio.

Pop-Filter and Shockmount Eliminate Unwanted Noise

The Spark package includes a custom-designed, easy to install pop filter, which helps minimize disruptive popping noises and sibilance sounds (such as when a singer pronounces "p" and "b" consonants). The uniquely-designed shockmount isolates the microphone from vibrations, bumps, and low frequency noises resonating in the recording area.

Focus Your Sound

The Spark microphone is designed to help you achieve professional quality recordings in any creative environment. One of its coolest features is the Focus Control switch. Recessed in the lower groove of the body tube at the rear of the microphone you will find a small, two-position button. With this button in the "out" position (Normal mode), your Spark provides increased low-frequency sensitivity for recordings with great impact and definition. When the button is pressed to the "in" position (Focus mode), the Spark will provide even greater clarity and detail.

Extra Features Offer Convenience and Guidance

The Spark comes with a wooden storage case that will keep the microphone, shockmount, and pop filter safe during storage and transport. Blue Microphones also provides a guide with professional recording tips for using Spark on a variety of instruments and vocal sounds.

The Spark is backed by a three-year manufacturer's warranty.

What's in the Box

Spark microphone, wooden case, pop filter, shockmount, and recording guide.

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