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Canon 10x30 Image Stabilization Binoculars w/Case, Neck Strap &

Canon 10x30 Image Stabilization Binoculars w/Case, Neck Strap &

Canon 10x30 Image Stabilization Binoculars w/Case, Neck Strap & Batteries

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Canon 10x30 Image Stabilization Binoculars w/Case, Neck Strap & Batteries

Whether you are sitting in the nose-bleeder seats of a stadium or an opera house, with Canon's 10x30 IS binoculars you'll get an outstanding close-up view of the action. The binoculars are designed to fit perfectly in your hands and have a rubber coating for nonslip grip and protection from damage. The focus dial is center-mounted and the image stabilizer controls are easily accessible from either hand. Canon's optical image stabilization technology eliminates shake and reduces curvature of field. The image stabilizer operates with two AA batteries. A BP-B1 battery pack is included. The lenses are coated with Super Spectra multicoating that improves image quality by maximizing contrast and minimizing color smear.

Image Stabilization and More
 A tripod is unsuitable when your subject is moving on its own. You need the ability to follow your subject under a variety of outdoor conditions, and Canon's IS technology makes tracking and keeping your outdoor subjects in view easy. Canon has taken its renowned Image Stabilizer technology from its high-performance camcorder family and adapted it for its IS binoculars as well. The Image Stabilizer system features a Vari-Angle Prism (VAP) that instantly and precisely adjusts the visual path through the binoculars to maintain a perfectly steady image. Whether you are on a moving boat chasing a school of fish, walking through the forest tracking a pair of deer, or trying to follow a fast-moving sailboat race, simply switching on Canon's Image Stabilizer gets you the sharp, clear and steady images you are after.

The VAP Image Stabilization System is available in Canon binoculars with 8x, 10x, 12x, 15x and 18x magnification. Two sensors detect vertical and horizontal motion, and a microprocessor adjusts the Vari-Angle Prisms in the right and left telescopes. Each prism is expanded in a bellows motions to instantly adjust the refraction angle of the image. The result is high-magnification and a clear, steady image at the push of a button, without the need for any additional equipment, such as a tripod. Now, you are free to follow your always on the move, outdoor subjects regardless of the conditions you are faced with.

Super Spectra Coating
A number of optical factors affect the brightness of an image, including the amount of incidental light that is reflected by the lens. An uncoated lens will refelect away as much as 8% of the incidentail light, significantly dimming the image. Canon's Super Spectra Coating prevents that reflection.

What do the numbers mean?
15x50? 8x25? The two numbers used to describe any pair of binoculars are their magnification — 8x, 12x, 15x and so on — and the diameter of their objective lenses — 25mm, 36mm, 50mm, and so on. The larger the first number is, the larger the object will appear to be in the objective lens. For instance, if you use a 10x lens and look at an object that is 100 yards away, it appears to be the same size as an object located just 10 yards away. The second number, the size of the objective lens, is important because the larger the objective lens, the more light it can admit for brighter, more detailed images, and the better suited they will be for lowlight situations.


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