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Pentax Silver X-5 Digital Camera with 26x Optical Zoom and 3" LCD

  • 16 megapixel backlit CMOS sensor
  • A large 26X optical zoom (22.3-580mm equivalent) lens

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Product Highlights

  • 16MP 'Bridge' Digital Camera
  • 26x Megazoom Lens, 22.3-580mm Equivalent
  • Large 3.0" Tiltable LCD Screen
  • 260K Dot Electronic Viewfinder
  • Full HD 1080p Widescreen Video
  • Triple Shake Reduction Technology
  • Super Macro Mode Focuses to 1 cm
  • Auto Picture and Fast Face Detection
  • HDMI Output for HDTV Screening

The X-5 Digital Camera (Black) from Pentax is a stylish 26x megazoom digital camera for photographers who want to shoot a wide variety of subjects in an equally wide variety of styles, from portraiture to expansive landscapes to extreme close-ups. With its powerful zoom lens that can range from ultra-wide angle to super telephoto (22.3-580mm equivalent), there is nothing that cannot be captured. The X-5 even offers a macro mode that allows sharp focus as close as 0.4" (1 cm)!

When shooting in super telephoto or in low light situations, the camera's triple shake-reduction technology compensates for hand movement or vibration and assures the photographer a crisp, blur-free image. The hybrid triple shake-reduction technology goes the extra step toward total image stabilization by combining mechanical sensor-shift-type SR (shake reduction) with digital high-ISO still and video shake reduction. No matter how difficult the shot, the ample zoom range of the X-5 combined with its triple shake-reduction will get it for you and get it crystal clear.

Supported by a state-of-the-art image processor with Super Resolution technology and a 16MP sensor, the X-5 guarantees high resolution images and performance speeds to match. Even at ISOs up to 6400, the camera produces well-defined, low-noise photos. And in terms of video, the X-5 features Full HD 1080p recording with h.264 compression at a frame rate of 30 frames per second. Movies can be played with creative touches such as slow motion and fast-forward playback and with micro-HDMI output, screening your movies on devices and HDTVs is as simple as connecting a cable.

Of course, both photo and video playback are benefitted by the camera's 3.0" tiltable, high-definition LCD screen. Its tiltability allows for viewing and image composition from various angles. This is helpful when shooting or viewing in bright sunlight but more so, it allows your creativity to flow as you shoot from high or low angles and discreetly capture the exuberance and serenity of life's unposed moments.

The handsome DSLR-like design of the X-5 also houses an electronic viewfinder with diopter adjustment that creates a clear view of your subject no matter the lighting conditions. The EVF is ideal when shooting in very bright or dim lighting and also when you need the stability that comes from holding camera to eye. The diopter adjustment mechanism offers the clearest view of both subject and viewfinder display, while minimizing eye fatigue during long shooting sessions.

The Pentax X-5 will give you professional quality images ready for post-production touches and print enlargements, but it is also a camera that offers the shooting ease of Auto Picture Mode and Fast Face Detection. Auto Picture Mode allows the camera to recognize the scene it is shooting and select the camera's settings accordingly. You simply point and shoot. Fast Face Detection recognizes up to 32 faces within the scene and focuses and exposes automatically to create the perfect portrait. The X-5's auto functions even include Auto Macro which detects when a subject is very close to the lens and switches into macro for extreme close-up focus, great for shooting flowers, cherished items or artistic details. Ease of function includes a Quick-set Mode Dial which allows you to quickly switch between modes -- Auto, Manual, Landscape, Handheld Night, for example -- without going into the menu.

The Pentax X-5 is really a camera that can do it all-- from high speed burst shooting of up to 10 images per second to fun processing tools and filters. It is designed like an SLR for ergonomic handling but compact enough for everyday shooting and travel. It also comes with viewing and editing software included! For photo enthusiasts and travelers who want a camera that can easily shoot just about everything and do so in sharp, high resolution quality, the X-5 is the camera for you.

16MP Sensor and State-of the-Art Image Processor
Supported by the latest Super Resolution technology, the X-5's image processing engine offers outstanding performance to produce clear, high-quality images with well-defined details and the 16MP sensor provides low-noise, high resolution photos and videos.
26x Megazoom Lens with Macro Mode
A 26x super-telephoto optical zoom lens (22.3-580mm equivalent) ensures extreme flexibility for any subject, near or far. Super Macro mode allows for dramatically detailed close-ups as close as 0.4"(1 cm).
Triple Shake-Reduction Technology
The X-5's triple shake-reduction system couples the Pentax-developed mechanical sensor-shift-type SR (Shake Reduction) with a digital high ISO SR mode for stills or movie SR mode for video. This hybrid system assures the photographer of sharp, blur-free images and video even under demanding shooting conditions, such as when using a telephoto lens or shooting in poorly lit locations.
Electronic Viewfinder
The X-5 features a 260,000 dot high resolution electronic viewfinder with diopter adjustment for a clear view of the subject even under difficult lighting conditions. This comes in handy when shooting a subject in strong backlight or when you need more stable control of the camera. The diopter adjustment mechanism assures the photographer of the clearest view of both subject and viewfinder display.
3.0" Tiltable LCD Screen
For effortless image composition and playback, the X-5 features a large tiltable 3.0" high-definition LCD screen that offers sharp image viewing even in bright sunlight while allowing users to creatively shoot from high and low angles to keep the subject neatly in frame
Full HD Video at 30fps with HDMI Output
The X-5 has a Full HD movie capture function with high quality h.264 recording compression. You can shoot HD quality extended movie clips (1920 x 1080 pixels at a 16:9 aspect ratio) at a frame rate of 30 frames per second. The camera also offers creative playback features, such as High-speed Movie mode for slow-motion playback and Time-lapse Movie mode for fast-forward playback. A micro-HDMI terminal (Type D) for the output of recorded movies and sound to HDTVs or other compatible devices is easily accessed on the camera body.
Auto Picture Mode and Fast Face Detection
Auto Picture mode automatically assesses the scene and selects the most appropriate shooting mode from 16 distinctive shooting options, including Landscape, Portrait, Candlelight and Pet. It even comes with an Auto Macro function, which automatically switches the focus mode to Macro when it detects the subject is close to the lens. Fast Face Detection technology quickly finds up to 32 faces for perfectly focused and exposed portraits.
Handheld Night Scene
Handheld Night Scene shooting mode helps the photographer capture blur-free nighttime images by taking multiple images at once and blending them into a single composite picture.
Quick-set Mode Dial
The X-5 lets the user quickly and effortlessly select the desired shooting mode - from a total of 10 modes including Auto Picture, Scene, Program, Manual, Landscape, and Handheld Night Snap - with a single turn of the Mode Dial, without having to access the on-screen menu.
Creative Processing and Filters
Twelve digital filters including Miniature and Toy Camera add creative touches to captured images and a range of image processing tools including Stretch filter, Small Face filter and Collage function offer creative ways to jazz-up your photos.
Burst Shooting
High-speed continuous shooting of up to 10 images per second is achievable, for a maximum of 30 images in a single sequence. Never miss an action shot or the perfect expression.
Aspect Ratio
The X-5 offers a choice of three aspect ratios (4:3, 16:9 and 1:1) to accommodate specific applications and creative whims.
Memory Cards
The Pentax X-5 can utilize SD, SDHC and SDXC memory cards and is compatible with Eye-Fi wireless LAN SD memory cards.
Powered by convenient AA batteries

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