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Wireless SpeedScreen Display Screen to use with Speedster III

Wireless SpeedScreen Display Screen to use with Speedster III

The SpeedScreen™ is a wireless remote LED display designed to work in combination with the Speedster™ III Radar Speed Gun

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INTRODUCTION The SpeedScreen™ is a wireless remote LED display designed to work in combination with the l Speedster™ III Radar Speed Gun. No special setup is required-simply power up the SpeedScreen after placing it wherever you want the Speedster’s readings to be easily viewed by all, and begin using the radar gun as you normally would. Data from the Speedster III is transmitted by radio frequency to the SpeedScreen.

Speedgun to be purchased seperately

BATTERY INSTALLATION/AC ADAPTER The Bushnell SpeedScreen can be powered by 10 size “C” alkaline batteries, or by using the included AC adapter (15V/1000mA), if an AC power source is available nearby. To install batteries, remove the battery cover by pushing the cover release latches down, then set it aside. Be sure to install the batteries in the correct direction, as indicated by the battery symbols with polarity marks inside the compartment. Replace the battery cover. To use the AC adapter, plug it into the external power jack to the right of the power switch, then into an AC wall outlet. To ensure reliable operation, use only the supplied AC adapter -do not substitute other external power supplies. USING THE SPEEDSCREEN Be sure you have read the instruction manual included with the Speedster™ III Radar Speed Gun, and are already familiar with its operation before beginning to use the SpeedScreen. 1. The SpeedScreen carrying handle doubles as a stand. Fold the handle back down towards the bottom of the display, then lean the display back slightly so it can be supported at an angle by the handle as it rests on the ground. Your choice of several different viewing angles is possible, depending on how close the handle is placed relative to the display. Another option is to use the two supplied “S” hooks to hang the SpeedScreen from a chain link fence, placing the handle in its upright carrying position onto the hooks. Additionally, the tripod included with the SpeedScreen may be attached to the Speedster III radar gun’s tripod socket (in front of the trigger), allowing it to be setup where it can transmit unattended continuous speed readings-for example, behind home plate at the ball park. 2. After setting or hanging the SpeedScreen in the location and position you prefer, turn on the display with the power switch on the back, below the battery cover. Turn the Speedster III “ON” by pressing the power button on the back of the unit, underneath the LCD display. 3. Aim the Speedster III at your target, then press and release the trigger button on the handle once. A “radar” icon ( ) will appear in the upper right hand side of the LCD display, and the Speedster will start measuring the current speed of whatever it is pointed at, updating the SpeedScreen constantly as the target’s speed changes. For best results with maximum accuracy, keep your target’s direction of travel in a direct line to you (moving straight towards or away from) and not perpendicular (at an angle) to you. 4. Press and release the trigger again when you are finished measuring the speed of your target. The radar icon is no longer shown on the gun’s display, and the SpeedScreen indicates the highest speed (“FASTEST”) that was measured between the first and second press of the trigger. The SpeedScreen also displays the previous, most recently measured speed (“LAST”). To check the speed of the same target again (or after aiming at a new target), repeat the process. OTHER OPERATIONAL NOTES • Switching the Speedster III from MPH to KPH (or vice versa) by pressing the trigger, then the power button under its display, will automatically also switch the speed units displayed by the SpeedScreen. • When the LOW indicator lights up on the lower right of the SpeedScreen’s display, the batteries should be replaced soon to ensure continued, accurate operation and performance. • The SpeedScreen is weather resistant, but not waterproof. If the housing or display become moist from exposure to mist or light rain, wipe them off with a soft cloth as soon as possible. Do not use the SpeedScreen or leave it out when it might be exposed to any significant amount and/or duration of rain, snow or other sources of water

Display Dimensions: 18” diagonal Signal Reception Range: 150+ Feet from transmitter (Speedster III) RF Frequency/Power: 100 MHz/525 mw Battery Type: Size C, Alkaline (10 required, not included) Operating Time: Up to 20 hours Operating Temperature Range: 32-104 F / 0-40 C Included Accessories: AC Adapter, Tripod (for Speedster III)

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