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Stalker Pro II - Professional Sports Radar handsfree pc kit

Stalker pro II kit includes:

battery, y-cable with serial output to pc and 12v power, tripod mount, universal charger.


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Ideal for pro cricket monitoring, range up to 150 meters from bowler. Please note line of site required, preferabably behind the bowler. No side on reading.

Pro stalker II cricket mode:

Settings for Cricket One of the biggest challenges with cricket is making sure the radar can “see” the bowled ball as the pitch is in the middle of the field far from the radar. The best results are acquired when the radar is positioned to capture as much of the ball’s flight path as possible. Target Type Ball Target Direction Inbound when behind the batter. Hit Speed Enable OFF Low Speed 30 MPH (48 km/h, 26 knots, 13 m/s) – High enough to mask the speed of the running bowler but low enough to register slow bowls. High Speed 150 MPH (241 km/h, 130 knots, 67 m/s) Resolution Tenths – to get the best resolution. Range 4 – High setting to give the radar the best opportunity to pick up the ball in the middle of the field from outside the field boundary. Peak ON/OFF ON - This shows ball release speeds. Auto-Clear Delay 2 seconds – After loss of target tracking, the radar holds the speeds on the display before clearing them. The bowler likes to see the speed after the ball is returned to him/her prior to bowling again, so delays can be up to 10, 20 or even 30 seconds for practice purposes. Trigger Function Con – Release the trigger (XMIT off) after every pitch to hold the last speed seen without any chance of a later target’s speed taking over the display

  • The Stalker Pro II Sports Radar Gun
  • Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery Handle
  • Hard Plastic Carrying Case
  • Battery Charger
  • Operators Manual
  • Overnight Shipping Available
  • Optional Stalker LED Speed Sign Package (Additional Delivery Time Required)
  • Baseball/cricket Mode - 500 Foot Range!  (150 meters unobstructed line of sight)
  • The bi-directional Pro II measures the peak (release) speed and plate (roll-down) speed of a pitch, as well as the speed of a batted ball traveling in the opposite direction. All three speeds display at the same time.
  • Vehicle Mode: Clock vehicles on land or water up to two miles away. The Stalker Pro II filters out other vehicles moving in the opposite direction of interest.
  • Carnival Mode: The Pro II attaches to the side of a backdrop and measure the speed of midway game balls thrown from only a few feet away.
  • Tennis Mode: Track balls on any side of the court, as the Pro II’s wide beam width measures both the ball’s peak (serve) speed as well as the decelerating live speed.

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