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Fixed radar - Stalker Pro II Speed Sensor

Fixed radar - Stalker Pro II Speed Sensor

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Wall mountd fixed radar with pc connection.

The Pro II Speed Sensor is a complete and highly-accurate Doppler Radar in a small, rugged waterproof housing that can measure the speed of a wide variety of objects including  vehicles, cricket balls, baseballs, tennis balls, and hockey pucks. It combines features and performance of the Stalker Pro II handheld sport gun with the Sport Speed Sensor configuration. The unit is available in an RS-232 model and an RS-485 model and includes complete software support.

  • Same performance as the Major League favorite Pro II Hand held
  • Waterproof design
  • PC application available for configuration and communication 
    with the radar.
  • Reports speeds in MPH, km/s, knots, feet/second, or 
    meters/second in whole units or tenths resolution.
  • Measures speeds up to 890 MPH.
  • Directional - tracks objects moving in either direction.
  • Reports Live (Rolldown), Peak, and Highest Peak speeds in one direction; Hit speeds in opposite direction.
  • Detects baseballs to 500' and average-sized automobiles to 1 3/4 miles
  • Wide range of High and Low Speed Thresholds to focus on speed range of interest.
  • Tracks everything from car-sized objects (and larger) to BBs.
  • Automatic cosine angle adjustment compensates for both off-horizontal and off-vertical angle readings
  • Waterproof; Ka-Band, 34.6 GHz; 15mW nominal power output; +/- 3% accuracy.
  • Connect multiple radars in point-to-multipoint configuration (RS-485)
  • A, A1, b, bE, and S streaming data protocols

Performance Specifications:

Speed RangeMax target speed: 800+ MPH
Min target speed: < 1 MPH
Accuracy+/- 3%
In ones resolution, speeds are rounded to nearest integer.
In tenths resolution, speeds are rounded to nearest tenth.
Maximum Clocking Distance500 Feet for baseballs
1 ¾ Miles for an average auto
Audio OutputRaw 3.3 V analog audio output signal is provided for Doppler audio – must be filtered and amplified for best audio quality.
Speed Alarm Output

With speeds below the Alarm Threshold, the Aux pin outupt is 0.0V
With speeds at or above the Alarm Threshold, the Aux pin is 3.3V and can drive 10mA.


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