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Supido Multi Sports Personal Speed Radar ,Training Instrument, with tripod mount

Supido Multi Sports Personal Speed Radar ,Training Instrument, with tripod mount

These type of sports radar units are not as accurate as Hand held radar guns and product placement will determine a lot in the reading and accuracy. Use more as a general guidline to the speed than an accurate reading.

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  • Lightweight durable frame and design for easy use
  • Hand-free operation unlike most other speed guns and can be used by a single person
  • Design mounted on any standard camera tripod
  • Ideal for most sports including golf, tennis, football and cricket, etc
  • Distance range (ball): approximately 9 metres
  • Bright LED display can be easily seen from a distance
  • Large red 3 digit LED digital speed display
Easy to use and hands free

Its lightweight and durable design makes the Radar extremely easy to use - unlike most speed radars this one is hands free and can be used by a single individual.

Even from a distance you will be able to see how fast you’re going with the Radar’s bright L.E.D speed display.

Compare your speeds

To compare your speeds and aim for your personal best, the speed recall feature allows you to see the last ten speeds that have been recorded. This device has the ability to be mounted on a camera tripod and has an adjustable angle which allows the Radar to provide highly accurate readings from a speed range of up to 150 mph and can measure anything up to 12 meters.

So whether you want to measure and record your speed; or you simply want to have fun, the Supido Personal Speed Radar is the one for you!


Many golfers for many reasons like to know just how fast there swing really is! Knowing this vital piece of information can make all the difference, from ensuring the player makes the best connection possible, or uses the best golf ball for their game or even to prevent injury.

Judge your bowling speed
Judge your bowling speed

Every bowler wants to know how quick they are. The Speed Radar accurately picks up delivery speed to +/- 1 Mile per hour, letting you know if you are sacrificing accuracy over speed helping to improve your bowling technique and approach to the game.


Serving is one of the key elements to any tennis player’s game, everybody wants to hold serve! The Speed Radar can measure and record your service speed allowing you to judge what serve works best for you, the sliced serve or a power serve down the centre of the court or into the body. The Radar is the ideal training aid to improving your game.

Accurately measure your football speed
Accurately measure your football speed

Ever wondered has fast your last shot was, what is the optimum speed for your free kicks to remain consistently accurate is, or simply to understand how fast you can kick the ball. The Speed Radar sits neatly at the back of the net to allow you to see just how fast that ball really travels.

Hockey, Baseball, Cycling...

The Speed Radar is flexible in its use across all sports measuring body speed, ball speed or motion whether it be peddle power of leg power. A device that helps to fine tune your technique and approach to any sport helping you to be the best you can be in your chosen discipline.


The Still or Move option allows the individual to get the most accurate measure for their chosen sport. For example Baseball pitching and Tennis serving are considered as still body movement, Football and Cricket bowling are considered a distance body movement.

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